Shipping not Displaying in v4.0.2

I have recently upgraded to version 4.0.2 from 3.0.6. Since upgrading the shipping has stop showing shipping options.

I have following shipping options as follows -

I deleted all other shipping options and carriers.

Localiation set to “Default - UK” with UK set as the only country.

Carrier to is set to manual with the “default - UK” and a cost by weight.

Item has a weight set.

Client has correct country set.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this.

Found the answer - Suppliers was turned on.

I have the same problem however when I disable suppliers it still does not work.

Thanks very much! I had the same problem after upgrading from 3.06 on 4.03. After turning off the add-on “Suppliers” the problem was solved.