Shipping not available error

I’'ve searched this forum on this topic & while there are alot of posts about it, none help me.

All of a sudden my shipping estimate isn’t working. I use UPS Real Time. This is for an international customer in Japan who’s trying to place an order. I tested the cart myself & got the same error. I also tested it for a location in the states & got the same error.

“Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.”

My desintations are correct, my settings are correct. This customer has purchased from me before & the shipping worked fine then & I’ve made no changes to the shipping or destination settings since.

The only thing I’ve done was add weights to my products whereas before I didn’t have any weights entered.

Please help! They’re waiting to complete their order.



EDIT: Ok I just went into a product & removed the weight & tried again, & it worked this time. BUT I received an order earlier today that had products with weight entered & it worked for that customer… so I don’t understand what’s wrong.