Shipping Methods?

OK, WE are having a problem with shipping charges. Take a item that is a 2.2lb glass bottle. We ship Parcel Post.

For 1 item average cost is 5.50 or so to ship

for 5 items, one box, it’s about 15.50 to ship.

Ok now when i try to setup the shipping i can get it to show me 1 item for 5.8 priority mail.

and like 13.50 for 5 items.

But when i pick parcel post - Non machinable. It’s not letting me use it. It keeps saying something about first class mail.

Anyways have any ideas?

Here are the exact fields I use for International U.S.P.S. (as CS-Cart calls it):

Type of Mail: Package

Container: None

Package width: 0

Package length: 0

Package height: 0

Package girth: 0

Package size: Regular

Extra service (none selected)

Domestic U.S.P.S values are:

Package Size: Regular (0…84)

First Class Mail Type: Parcel

Machinable: False

Container (Priority Mail): None

Container (Express): None

The four fields for the dimensions of the package are all empty

Extra service: none selected