Shipping methods - sizes

Hi chaps,

Please excuse my ignorance but im having trouble understanding real time shipping,

I have read lots of threads and am aware how to set shipping methods, dependencies and even how to activate real time shipping, what I don’t understand (and its probably me being dim!) but if some items that are over the dimensions limit (Height width etc) how does the processor know that that specific item is over the threshold?

I would imagine you set separate shipping methods and configure (in settings) the Height width or that shipping method, however, I would think there would be a field in products listing in order to differentiate as to what shipping method is appropriate.

Like i said, the answer is probably very obvious!

PS, the items are guitars and accessories.

You have 2 options:

  1. You can increase the weight to approximate the shipping charge (however, this makes it more likely the the maximum weight for a shipment is exceeded);
  2. You could set up separate suppliers for your oversized items and have an “oversized” shipping method available to only the appropriate supplier (with your customers now wondering why their order has multiple shipping methods).

    There are a number of requests to add support for dimensional shipping (and multi-box shipments) in both the forums and the Bug Tracker. You can vote to add dimensional weight calculations in the Ideas forum:


    This issue really needs to be addressed. Merchants are potentially losing money due to unreimbursed shipping charges (oversize items) or losing customers due to expensive or unavailable shipping charges (multi-box shipments). The fields for the dimensions even exist in the database - let’s finally put them to use.


Thanks for that!

(I thought it was me being stupid)

I will be voting for this change.

I thought I had worked out a way to do this but i was wrong. I thought I could set up different shipping methods (like you said) with larger dimensional settings set up for that shipping method, but then set up different localizations which would allow me to choose the appropriate on in the localization field. But as I have found out in the forums, you cannot have multiple localizations set up containing the same countries/ regions etc.

The shipping methods under settings have dimension fields so all that would need to be done is to include dimensional fields in products.

A relationship would then be set up between the products dimension fields and all of the shipping methods settings dimension fields. If the dimension sizes for the products do not exceed the shipping methods dimensions size, the method is displayed and if the dimensions are exceeded, the method is not displayed (stops having multiple methods confusing customers)

I also could do with multiple store fronts (like magento) any ideas as to if and when this feature is going to be available?

There is no way to know when, or even if, this will be addressed. The best bet to have this added is if all the people who need either capability (dimensional weight calculations or multi-box shipments) vote for the suggestion in the Ideas forum: