Shipping Methods Restricted To Certain Categories

Shipping costs are a challenge in the multi vendor system. In my case however, the vendors meets at physical marketplaces now and then to sell and promote their products. I have therefor listed those meetings in the main menu as categories, when and where they will take place. That way all vendors who is going to a market like this, can assign their products to that category. When all vendors is doing that, the customers can choose to buy items form multiple vendors from that category, and pick up the items packed i one packet at the physical marketplace. The customer can also choose to let the vendors collect the items into one packet and send it to the customer, which will be much cheaper than to let the vendors send the items separate.

So what I need is a way to offer these two "shipping" -methods when they are buying from one of this "Market place" categories. An these two shipping alternatives should be visible only when they have order through this categories.

Is this possible?

Ok, since no one responds to this request I guess it is not easy or possible. But may be there is another way to do this? Please help me if someone knows how, because this would be a very important feature on my e-store.


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