Shipping Methods Doesn't Exist For 2 Free Shipping Products With Different Shipping Methods!


I have two different shipping methods for two different suppliers. Free shipping for these shipping methods are enabled. I've added two products in my cart (each related to different shipping method). But at checkout page it says there is no shipping method available for your location. My locations are set properly. Free shipping are set for these two products. Supplier addon is activated and also set to their related shipping method. When I add one free shipping product in my cart, shipping method works fine in checkout page. As soon as I add another free shipping product, shipping method in checkout page will gone and it says there is no shipping method!

How should I handle shipping methods at checkout page when I add more than one free shipping products each related to different shipping methods?


I've found the solution. My mistake! In suppliers addon, 'Display shipping methods to each supplier separately' was not selected! After check in this option, multiple shipping methods are shown in checkout page correctly.