Shipping Method Positions

I have a certain shipping method that I’d like to have listed first during checkout, so I changed it’s position in the admin to be at the top. When I go to the cart page and calculate shipping or when I go through checkout, the shipping method positions are being ignored. Anyone else experienced this?

Version 4.1.4


We have check this problem on 4.1.3. version. Everything is ok.

Maybe you have any third-party add-ons or modifications that effect on shipping methods.

Other variant, you do not save the changes or do not clear the cache.

Please check our guesses on your website.

Best regards, Alt-team.

It works for us to. Please try to clear the cart and re-login in the store-front.


My store owner had chosen a different shipping method for the free shipping promotion. This caused confusion. The store appears to be working properly.