Shipping method per country

How can you associate a shipping method for each country? For example, when shipping to Tanzania, the customer is presented with UPS Canada shipping options. I want them to see UPS Worldwide options.

If you use Manual rate (by defined location),

In Shipping → Locations, Create a name and select the countries you like to ship-to. Then In Shipping → Shipping methods, Add a shipping method - UPS Worldwide, then click Shipping charges tab, select each country location name, and define your shipping charge table for each country location.

In Realtime rate calculation, you can define shipping methods like UPS Canada, UPS Mexico, UPS Worldwide,etc… As I tried, CS-cart will base you defined UPS Shipping service country list and buyer country to show the related shipping methods. In Case, your test are not like what I said. I suggest submit your idea wish to CS-cart Ideas forum!