Shipping Method Issue

Can anyone on the forum help me figure this out;

I am using both the Custom Shipping method and the Real Time Shipping(Fedex). Here are my issues:

I setup FedEx and requested the Meter # which was sent and filled out. I did a few test orders but the returned rates are lower than our actual negotiated rates when the customer enters their Zip-Code in the view cart page and also on the shipping/checkout page.

I also setup some locations based on Country, State and Zip-Codes but whenever I try a test order using a dummy account with a zip-code that is not contained in the locations zip-code table, it still displays the custom location rates as an option for the customer to select during checkout when its not supposed to since that zip-code is not in any of the location zip-code entries.

Hope someone can help me figure this out and …please

Thanks Forum.