Shipping Internationally

A woman from Russia tried to place an order and got this error in the shipping section of our shopping cart:

Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location. Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.

Anybody have any clue what’s wrong? I’ve got a Worldwide shipping option set up.

Could be a number of things, make sure that you have not set the weight options in shipping methods to have a maximum weight lower than what you are trying to send. Also make sure that you have a specified price against the weight of the item your are wanting to send.

Pretty sure it isn’t the weight. I think it was her location.


Not sure if you realize this, but you can easily perform some simulated testing using the same exact parameters as your customer from Russia. Just search for this customer within admin>users. After locating the customer select “Act on behalf of”, add different items to the cart and click the “estimate shipping” link. This can be useful in getting to the bottom of the problem.

You may have a problem with the way your “Locations” are setup, or, it could be a problem with the weight of an individual product.

Also, look closely at the address details this particluar customer has entered into their profile fields!