Shipping Instructions Needed


I looked at the extreamly vague shipping instructions page:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

I'm simply trying to setup manual shipping for a client using the latest CS-Cart version. Client wants it done this way, normally I use realtime shipping.

But these instrcutions are not detailed enough to understand how to set it up.

Basically shipping cost will be derterminded my product quanaty.

UPSP First Class

1 item $4

2 itmes $5

USPS Prority

1-2 $8

3-4 $9.50

5-6 $12


Should be simple enough, but I find the instructions are not detailed enough.

Submitting ticket to CS-Cart is almost as bad, 5 days later, with details or explainations left out.

I like CS-Cart have been using it for quite some time, but the instrcutions are terrible.


depends on your products, if they are all different weights and or costs then it will be difficult.

If they are all similar or same weights then weight based is the way to go with shipping

as far as I know, number of items is not a factor in creating manual shipping, may be something can be done through promotions


Thanks John, I was looking for instruction, but after trial and error I figured some of it out.

Next question:

Under “Items dependencies”

I have more than 0 items set to $4.15

and more than 1 set to $5.15

At more than 3 items I don't want this to no longer be selectable. Hopefully this is/should be an option without having to use weights as the managing factor.

This is for USPS First Class BTW.