"Shipping Info" Link


I need to show a link to shipping info on my product details page. Is that possible?


I must be missing something… Please identify what you mean by the product details page. Normally this refers to the product details shown to a customer before they purchase. But if you're referring to the order details page in Admin, that's a different story.


What I mean by product details page is the page on the store front that you reach when you click a product. It's the page that shows product name, image, description, quantity, add to cart, etc…

You can simply make a page (website - content - add page) and create a link anywhere you like… in an html block, in the product description, anywhere. Right?

Are you wanting to give them an actual rate quote? Or do you just want to provide info? If only info, then Flow's solution is perfect. If you want a real shipping estimator, it's a little more difficult and requires custom development work. Personally I don't think estimator on the product detail page is very useful unless the majority of your orders are for single products.