Shipping in V4.0.3

So I have upgraded to V4.0.3 where shipping worked just fine.

I only have one set of Shipping Options and sharing it with my one and only main company but its coming up with prices that are not even in the cart at all… this will send me broke!

I have followed all directions. From what I can gather its only happening if you use the calculate shipping option in the View Cart page. I have attached a picture. It also only shows one option when there are 3

Please help


Don't see any attachment…

Picture is attached now sorry

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Picture is attached now sorry


Could you show a picture of the shipping settings that you have set in shipping methods / shipping charges

I don't think anyone could see whats wrong from a picture of the final price in the shopping cart.


For whatever its worth, I had problems also with the rates I was getting. It seems that ups was not getting all the right shipping properties from my cart. I would have gone broke also. I submitted a ticket and cscart & architects are working on it.

Thanks Jimmyod, I have got fixed shipping prices that have worked for years in the previous 2 versions, its only now with the upgrade and only seems to be wrong if you choose to estimate the shipping in the View Cart area, i have no idea even where its getting the value from as nothing else has been setup for shipping, its very odd. probably will have to get cs cart to look at it… this version 4 has been very testing on the patience! :)