Shipping ideas needed...problem

I think version 1.3.5 allows you to set up drop shipping from different suppliers, but I haven’t played arround with that yet so I couldn’t tell you how it works. I also know that Smavtron has developed a dropshipping module to be added to CS-Cart, but I haven’t really looked into it any further than seeing it on his website. If you can email CS-Cart to see if they will allow you to test version 1.3.5 than that would probably be your best bet for now. I hope this has helped and if you decide to go with CS-Cart you will be very happy.


CS-Cart 1.3.5 provides separate shipping calculations for each dropshipper or warehouse(they call them suppliers). It also calculates real-time shipping charges for each supplier.

Since your dropshipper calculates shipping when you place the order with them, see if your dropshipper can tell you how they calculate shipping (e.g, UPS live rates which require you know the shipping weight of the product or some other formula). This shoud allow you to calculate the same shipping amount as your dropshipper.