Shipping Freight not taking

Am I missing something ?

When this item is set of 1 LBS, the shipping charges are way to high. I need them to be $4.50

So I have the weight set to 0 and shipping freight to $4.50.

Now no shipping shows up. :frowning:

friendly bump to the top…

Are you using real-time shipping?

In Admin->Shipping/Taxes->Shipping Methods, what do you have in there.

If you have one, click “Edit” and go to Shipping Charges and tell us what you have configured.

I have Real time Shipping selected.

Nothing is selected in “Shipping Charges”

Generally, zero weight indicates no shipping…

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Generally, zero weight indicates no shipping…[/QUOTE]

I just changed it to 1lbs, but it charges to much… Any suggestions ?

Have you properly set up your shipping settings with whatever company you are using? For example, if you use FedEx, you have to get the meter number, etc. That’s how I successfully use real time shipping. Otherwise, if you are wanting a set dollar amount for shipping, you can use manual shipping. Don’t know if that helps.