Shipping For Zero Weight?

Used to be that products with zero weight were considered non-physical products and no shipping charges were applied.

After upgrade to 4.3.5, my consulting services are now charging customers for shipping. If I set the shipping to have all zeros for values, then they will get the "No shipping for your destination" stuff.

Why was this changed? And how does one now configure non-physical products like services that are NOT EDP products? There should be a way to tell the cart "no shipping" and have it just skip that step and not say things that don't apply like "Free shipping", etc.

Seems like the zero weight from before is the correct way to handle it.

I think I read in one of the threads in the bug tracker that weight defaults to 0.01 if it is not specified.


Please also check the following article:

Unfortunately, having all shipping methods disabled gives the "No shipping available for your destination" message and the order can't be placed.

So Now I have to have a shipping method named "Ignore This" on my checkout for any non-EDP products (like services) that I sell.

If not shipping methods are available at all, then no shipping should be validated/computed/processed. And if shipping is available (like someone sells both products and services), having a zero weight for a product should indicate no shipping just like it did before. This is not "free shipping", this is "no shipping".