Shipping for different countries?


Ive been trying to setup destinations for shipping, I have International option with all countries which do not include Canada, and USA. Then i have 2 other destinations USA and Canada, for each I’m using FEDEX shipping and also for each of the 3 destinations im using cost per first item which is different based on these destinations. Now my problem. when i go to checkout my shipping displays 3 options for International, USA, and Canada in the drop down box even though the shipping address is for USA, am I doing something wrong? oh and when i am in each shipping methods and i select FEDEX shipping in real time, the options for which country i would like to apply this to disappears… Hope this makes sense any help is greatly appreciated.


Make sure with International like Canada & Australia, when you select the countries you also select the province/states and move them to the left column.

I also have the ‘all destination’ unchecked as I setup all of my shipping USPS zones, separated by USA, Canada, Mexico & rest of the world by groups.

I did all of that, and it still shows, super weird =(