Shipping Fee Shown During Checkout, But Not Being Added By Paypal.


Shipping fee is shown during Checkout, but not being added by Paypal.

I don't use any carrier “plug-ins” for real time shipping. It's calculated by cost of item.

I don't know if this issue is directly related, but it was noticed after my SSL Certificate lapsed on 10/7/14. My SSL has been renewed after being notified of the lapse. Everything was working fine before this period.

Email from a Customer:

“I tried to place this order and it didn't add the shipping to the price, so it kicked out the order said it was cancelled. Tried to replace the order and it said it's already paid?”

Thank you for any input into this matter!

The solution is here http://forum.cs-cart…post__p__193776

I can't seem to access that link

is there an alternate link? I tried to search but it's not showing up. I'm experiencing the same issue with PayPal.