Shipping: Delivery Time Estimate/message Cannot Be Changed


Since update 4.5.x the "delivery time" for our shipping carrier "Australia Post" is pre-filled by the info returned from the carrier.

I know this is by design as it even says so in the tool tip info as following:

"The delivery time appears next to the name of the shipping method. If you use realtime shipping rate calculation, your shipping service may provide its own delivery time. The time provided by the shipping service will be displayed instead of the time you specify here.

This is not ideal and against logic!

If the shop owner does not specify a shipping time it should use the one provided by the shipping carrier, for example.

However if the shop owner specifies a shipping time then it should override that provided by the shipping carrier as things like lead time and processing / handling have to be considered.

I'm going to find the code and reverse it but would be nice to have this built in by default so that i dont have to change it after each update....

So its been over a 1 year and no reply and no solution to this?

I've made the necessary code changes now to remove the realtime provider message and show the one entered by the admin... however each update this would need to be reapplied if the shipping file is changed.

Not ideal, should really be done differently with a switch to choose which message you want to show.

Yes I agree this is not ideal, I have had to use Rate Calculation as Manual (by defined Location) and set up the delivery time as desired, I use post satchels to help me define my postage cost.

I also had to set up the Shipping & Taxes/Locations/Default destination (all countries)/ I have only Australia in the left hand box otherwise customers from other countries will see this as a postal option.

I use a different shipping method for my International customers with the Rate Calculation as Realtime

Which files did you make code changes to and what did you change?

For us the only option is to use realtime shipping rates as we have over 2000 products of varioius sizes, from small badges to large items over 2 metres long!

Before you make any changes backup your store/site etc...

You just need to edit file named Aup.php whic is located in folder:


Find these three lines:

if (!empty($this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'])) {
$rates['delivery_time'] = $this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'];
and comment them out using //, as below:
//if (!empty($this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'])) {
//$rates['delivery_time'] = $this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'];
Thats it, now the system will default to what you put into the fields for delivery time.