Shipping Costs

Hi Guys and Gals

Trying to setup some shipping costs on my store, the issue i’m having is that i need to have shipping costs for domestic and international shipping, in this case the UK and Ireland, the issue being that the Ireland shipping is a flat additional rate per item based on weight

We have smaller items which are charged at one rate and larger items that are charged at a larger rate, i’ve set up the items with a flat rate of shipping with no modifier on the UK shipping method, the issue comes when trying to add the extra for the Ireland shipping, i’ve tried doing the shipping based on weight but it doesn’t seem to add the shipping as expected for each item

Is there a way to handle flat rate shipping for international shipping while also taking in to account the 2 levels of shipping based on weight?

Any help is appreciated :)

Just to add, what i mean by incorrect shipping is that the first item gets the extra shipping applied but the second item only applies the base shipping freight and not the extra because of its weight

Dear Cypherous,

We could not reproduce this problem.

Could you please tell us what CS-Cart version do you use.

Also please give us the settings of the method used.

Best regards, Alt-team.