Shipping Costs

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I want to create a shipping charge based on the location. these locations belong to a single province. each of these locations has delivery charge.

  1. How can I configure CS-Cart for the above scenario.
  2. If I’m to do such a change what I have to do?
  3. How do I apply this to the final order?

    Need help.

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Since my previous question is bit difficult in answering. Let me put my question in a simpler way.

Under Shipping methods → Shipping Charges their is Cost Dependencies. I need to create a new Cost dependency called City. for each of the cities their is a shipping cost associated. this City corresponds to the shipping address city. so when a customer places an order the shipping charge gets automatically added to the oder



Create a location for each of the cities and then assign the shipping charges for each location in Shipping Methods.


Hi Bob

Thanx for the post!

I have created a Locations with the city names. and when I add shipping charges to each of the cities. and try to place an order I get “Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location. Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.” Please help



What do you have specified for each location? Have you also set a country and state?


Hi Bob

I have put the City Name for the Location and Added Country.

I have added my country (Sri Lanka) and the states are not available. Is their a way to add the states? and The Default locations is all ways selected. since locations change I need to disable it. ?

Can you explain me how this shipping charge thing work. its how you implement charges to a city(s) for a single country that I found difficult to understand. Please help



If you define all your shipping locations, you can disable the Default location at Shipping/Taxes->Locations. At a minimum, make sure you remove Sri Lanka from the country list for this location.

You can manually add the states at Shipping/Taxes->States. Select Sri Lanka from the dropdown then click the “Add state” button. I am guessing that the district codes used for postal service would be the equivalent of states but you could use whatever is appropriate.

I am not sure exactly sure how the shipping works when there are no states; I would guess that it matches just on the country/city combination. Disabling the Default location may eliminate some of your problems.


Hi Bob

I have removed Sri Lanka from the Default location list and disabled it, then created separate locations for each of the cities within a state. when creating city location I added Sri Lanka to the country field and added the shipping cost per city from the Shipping Method ->Shopping Charge.

But Still I get Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.



Do the customers fill in a state when they specify their shipping address? If they do, try creating a state in Shipping/Taxes->States and then assigning it to the appropriate city in Shipping/Taxes->Locations to see if this fixes the issue.

If that does not work, then try removing the country and just leaving the State and city. I have my shipping methods set up with only the state specified and with no overlap between locations and this works. The problem may be the same country specified on more than one shipping method.


I had all these problems when sorting my shipping even though I have it working fine on 2 sites, eventually I tracked it back to my supplier add on >admin>setting>addons>suppliers add on. I turned this off and the shiping worked fine.

After investigation most of my products, in the products>select any product the addons, supplier drop down box had 2 lines, one line said NONE, and the other line was a blank line but could be selected. All products that were selected as the blank line caused this shipping message so I have turned the shipping addon off for now. It must have been something I did in the import CSV but I will l;ook into that later.

May be worth you switching suppliers addon off (if you have it on) and try.



johnbol1 is correct: things get a bit more complicated when using the Suppliers addon. You must make sure that all your products have a supplier assigned and that your shipping methods also have a supplier assigned. Additionally, you must make sure that there is a shipping method common to all your products if “Multiple shipping method selectboxes” is unchecked in the Supplier addon options - check this setting during initial setup as it makes things more clear.