Shipping Cost

I have a particular product which needs to have a fixed shipping cost attached to it.

Currently, my shipping methods are set up using weight dependencies. This works perfectly, however a new product we have needs a fixed cost.

I know I can create a new shipping method and use the item dependencies to charge £x per item, but then this shipping method will be shown alongside the normal one; and customers will always choose the other method. Is there a way I can hide a shipping method for one particular product?

The only issue I can see with this is if a customer was to order the new product AND an existing product.

For example, new product is item1 and costs £10 each to ship. Existing product is item2, and has a weight of 5kg (cost of "more than 0kg" is £5, cost of "more than 10kg" is £9 etc.) If a customer orders 1 of item1 and 1 of item2, the system needs to know to charge £15 shipping in total. If they order 2 of each, it should charge £29. Can CS-Cart charge for 2 shipping methods together?

Is there an addon which can help?

Thank you!

cscart does need to add more variations of shipping dependencies.

I have the same issue with one of my products.

I made the product weight something very high (1,000 LBS).

I created a payment method "Shipping quote only-No Payment-"

Select offline processor, choose your payment category, fill in payment instructions. I used this "We will email your quote & then you will have the option to make a payment.

We recommend creating an account, this will make checking out easier when you decide to place your order."

I created a shipping method with a weight limit beginning with 1,000 LBS and named it "You chose an item that needs a shipping rate quoted. We will have to quote this shipping rate for you. No Payment Will Be Required."

This way once a customer adds this particular product to their cart, the only shipping method that appears is this special one.

Make the rate calculation manual, weight limits 1,000 LBS to 99,000 LBS, allowed payment method = "Shipping quote only-No Payment-"

This is a bit of a pain, but it is the only way I found and it does work. I then edit the order and email the customer.

Hope this helps.

Did you ever get a addon for LTL freight?

We have a custom solution for LTL/Dual-rate shipping through Estes.

Meaning, when you checkout, it runs freight for items above the standard UPS/Fed Ex weight thresholds and presents the cheaper one.

This way you avoid customer cart abandonment because they are getting a freight quote for an item that could easily ship Ground.

It's not usually a configurable add-on, it's a series of hooks we do for customers.

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