Shipping Cost Problem

I have a basic flat rate fee that I set up for Shipping Via UPS. Most of my products are on the heavier side but I have a few products that are inexpensive. So when someone sees a product for 40 bucks and there is a $15 dollar fee they will not purchase. Is there a way to lower the shipping cost on this individual product?

Can I make a certain type of shipping specific to the product. For example I would like only product A to be able to use USPS Priority mail. And product B only for UPS Ground.

There is currently no way to specify the shipping method on a product basis. The only way to accomplish this is to use the Supplier addon which will allow you to specify which “supplier” ships which product and what shipping methods are available for that supplier. The downside is that your customer will probably see both shipping methods separately or, otherwise, will get the “Unfortunately no shipping options …” message.