Shipping cost issues

[size=3]Hi, I have several issues related to shipping costs:[/size]

[size=3]1. “Calculate shipping cost” box on the [/size][size=3]'checkout.cart' page. How do I remove this from customers view (since it is not used)[/size]

[size=3]2. We offer $3 fixed shipping, which has worked ok until now (ie $3 shipping max for any quantity or any cart). But now we have a product which is long and requires an extra $3 shipping (ie $6 for the order max). How do I set it up so that if any quantity of the new product is purchased, shipping will be fixed at $6 (regardless of extra things in cart)[/size]

[size=3]thank you[/size]

Hello, crashy!

  1. Go to Settings->General and disable the “Estimate shipping cost on cart page” setting.
  2. Probably, the Suppliers feature may work for you. I mean, you should create a supplier for this product and the separate shipping method for this supplier.