Shipping Cost And Time Doesn't Let User Pick City

I'm try to set set up our marketplace for launch at the end of January, and I am using the latest version of CS-Multivendor (4.12).

The shipping shipping cost and time on the product page doesn't work properly. This is an option in the 'Maps and Geolocation' add-on, which came out of the box on my software install. I have the 'maps and geolocation' set to active, my googlemaps API is there, and the box 'Show shipping cost and time on product pages' is ticked.

On the product page, under the add to cart button, the shipping estimates are shown under the heading 'shipping times and rates', and when I click on these I see a pop-up with the shipping options listed. So far so good.

Next to 'shipping times and rates' there is the option of clicking on the city name (generated automatically) to select the estimate for a different city to re-calculate the shipping rates.

When I click on this, I get a box pop-up that says :

'Select your city'. The main part of the box is an empty white space, and at the bottom there is an 'OK' button.

I assume that there should be a map or some sort of drop-down in the empty white space.

I have tried it on Firefox, Brave, Edge and Explorer browers, all with the same problem. I have used the 'clear cache' function in the bank-end many times.

Is this a bug, or is there a setting somewhere I need to turn on?
Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

This is solved. I had to enable more APIs with google and then it worked.

May I know which API's you activated/used? I'm having the same problems. Thank you.