Shipping configuration help


I really need help.

My store offers free shipping on all orders $500 or more and there is a flat rate of orders less than $500 of $49.00. It was working but now it is not working…

I have gone into shipping methods selected the custom shipping and then selected shipping charges but the only choices I have are (Products price) more than???

How do I get it to understand what I want

orders less than $500.00 have a rate of $49.00 shipping fee? It does not seem to be working right? Am I missing something?:confused:

Have a look into [URL]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation



Here’s what worked for me.

It appears that you have a similar need that I did. I already had weight dependencies set up on the Shipping Charges tab for all of my shipping methods so I wasn’t able to use any of the dependencies for free shipping. What I did to allow free shipping for one of my suppliers was:

  1. go to Catalog>Promotions
  2. Click on Add Cart Promotion button
  3. Enter the details on the General tab
  4. On the Conditions tab, click on Add Condition
  5. Select Product Price from the pull-down and set it to > $500
  6. If you have multiple Suppliers you’ll have to also add another condition called Products and select In as the parameter and then select all the products from the Supplier that meet the condition or select all of them (I only selected products that were more than $500 thinking that things would work faster if CsCart didn’t have to query all of the products). If you only have one supplier then you shouldn’t have to add the Products condition.
  7. On the Bonuses tab, click Add Bonus and select Free Shipping from the pull-down. Then select the desired Shipping Method from the pull-down. Do this step for each shipping method free shipping applies to.

    I’ll have to go through the same steps above for my other 2 suppliers when I get around to adding them to my store.