Shipping Calculation Error When Using Suppliers

I am having an issue getting my shipping costs to work out correctly during checkout. My shipping costs are setup as a fixed amount based on subtotal, unless the order total is over $150.00. Then it is 13% of subtotal.

The issue I’m having is this: When there is just one item in the cart, or only one supplier’s products in the cart (could be any quantity up to infinity) then everything works fine.

However, when there are multiple products in the cart (all from different suppliers) then the system is generating a shipping cost based on each item’s fixed shipping amount, and then adds them all together to create a final shipping cost. This is creating a much higher shipping cost to the customer.

Why would my cart work fine with just 1 supplier, and not work fine when there are multiple suppliers? Does this have something to do with the way I set up shipping settings, or is this a bug?

Hi. I’ve the same problem. But the price is configurated from price. Works fine with one supplier, but when have 2 suppliers fail :oops:

V 2.1.2 pro

We're having the same issue,

Sales are down a huge amount due to this

We're looking to hard code the shipping out at template level

Anyone else find a solution to this?

Hello all!

When the “Suppliers” functionality is enabled, shipping methods are calculated for each supplier. This happens because products should be shipped to different supplier locations, so the customer should pay for different shipping methods for each location.

This is the standard CS-Cart functionality.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team

Dear Anastasiya,

If i want the suppliers functionality enable, how can i make the shipping calculated only for one supplier?

The reason that i want enable the supplier fuction is why I using the supplier filter and it is important fo me.