Shipping by Rate Area (ZIP Code) for multiple Vendor Locations

Hi, I am trying to achieve different sh methods based on zip codes.


1.) Regular shipping for items (up to 30kg) - Countrywide
2.) Special SH for large items combined with small items (cranes, table saws) for customers 50 km around our locations (5 locations within same state )
3. Special Carrier for Large items for everyone out of this rate area - How can we differentiate by length, width etc - e.g. ladder)

I am still trying to figure out for one location but multiple locations seems even more challenging.

I hope someone has had experience with this and can help

It is unclear what issue you are experiencing, but here is some general tips.

If you have overlapping rate areas only the most specific rate area will be selected e.g. if

  • “Rate Area 1” is Your-Country
  • “Rate Area 2” is Your-Country and Your-Zip-Code-List

then if a customers zip code is in Your-Zip-Code-List then “Rate Area 2” rate area will always be applied to that customer. So if “Shipping Method 1” has the 30kg limit but only has “Rate Area 1” added to that shipping method then a customer who is in Your-Zip-Code-List will not be offered “Shipping Method 1”.

For manual shipping methods, in a default cs-cart installation, there is no limitation for package demensions. The package dimensions in the Product shipping tab is used for real time shipping methods. There is a cheat you can use to get around this. You can create a shipping method with a unrealistic/narrow shipping weight range (for your store) e.g. 4000.1kg to 4000.3kg for your small items and 4000.4kg to 4000.6kg for large items and then for “in-scope” products, in the product weight make all small items 4000.2kg and all large items 4000.5kg … (you could use 30.1kg to 30.3kg and 30.4kg to 30.6kg - using the large obscure range means it’s less likely that you will have conflicts if you add more shipping methods later). Or a third party developer can offer a custom add-on, may already be one in the add-on marketplace.

Thank you.

Yes thius might be useful in case I understand this right :slight_smile:
We offer cheap inhouse shipping (mainly for large & heavy items) based on radius away from our 2 vendors who each have 5 and 3 locations respectively.

I am not sure it is possible to take each location as basis for calculation of radius?

I’m in Australia. At one point I found a tool where I could put a postcode in and a distance and it spat out a list of postcodes that I then put into the rate area. Can’t recall what it was called but I would have searched on find australian postcodes with a certain distance/radius or similar.

Yes I have all zip codes but the question is where I can add the basis (city 1 of 7) of which 50km around one of the location is calculated from!

create a rate area called city 1, add them there. Then youll set up a new shipping method and add the rate are to it