Shipping & Billing modification at checkout


When I first set up CS Cart, I effectively swapped the billing & shipping details around by changing the language settings (billing became shipping & vice versa). I did this because at checkout I needed to add 2 more fields to Shipping (Delivery date & time), and for these to be displayed prominently at checkout, (without having to untick the ‘Use my shippping address’ box to display the second column Shipping Details). I now realise I might have gone about this the wrong way! :oops:

I don’t have any confusion with my customers’ billing/shipping details, but what has happened is that this has stopped me being able to calculate shipping charges based on zipcode. This is because it uses the zip code from my billing address (which should be shipping address by default). I don’t know how to solve this now, as my registered customers have obviously entered their shipping details in my shipping fields (default billing fields), and billing details in my billing fields (default shipping fields). Obviously changing the language settings back to their default will just mess things up for all the customers that have registered!

Any help will be much appreciated!



You could go into the database (use phpmyadmin) and swap the data?

I’m not so into that but I’m sure it’s possible and some people here could help you out (or do it for you against a small fee.)

Of course this won’t help you much now, but you know there is a setting in the admin to switch the two at checkout, right? At least, in 2.14. Am not sure about other versions: Go to admin - Administration - General - Profile address section order.

P.S. On my first shop, we got so many people missing the checkbox that we changed the box to being unticked as standard procedure. This might also be needed for you. See [url][/url]

Thanks Flow, yes I’ve just seen that setting, unless I can figure out a way to swap the data in phpmyadmin, I may have to manually change all my customers’ billing & shipping details!!! Do you have the code to not have the tick box for shipping details?

Would anyone know how I could do this in phpmyadmin?