Shipping Based On Individual Item - Cannot Create Free Shipping

We calculate shipping on an individual item basis. For example:-

  • a surf board is $40.00 shipping
  • a paddle is $8.00 shipping
  • a hat $2.00


    This works fine. But we want to add an option for customers to pick up the items from the warehouse with no shipping cost… it doesn't seem to be possible?

    I have followed the tutorials for Free Shipping, but they assume a general price per item or weight…

Why not create a custom shipping method called 'pick-up in warehouse' and then you won't need to put in anything in the charges tab.

The only thing to use is

Show rates for location and then add either a country or if you can (didn't check) just the province/state whatever region you wish to allow to pick up their purchase.This avoids the hassle of having to tell people they can't get free shipping unless they pick it up themselves…

We had customers trying this when living 1+ hrs away…wih 1 exceptio none were serious abut pickng it up themselves.