Shipping and Tax Setup

Having a tough time getting this configured correctly. Been reading the knowledge base and searching on the forums…and gotten this far. Not quite there, and starting to feel like I’m going in circles…

I only ship to USA (from within USA). Only have Tax applicable in Texas.

Two manual modes of shipping, both seem to be working correctly.

Two locations, one for 49 states, one for TX (which has the tax defined).

Shipping to a customer outside of TX, the shipping and tax is being calculated correctly.

Shipping to a customer in TX, the shipping is being charged correctly, but the tax is ONLY being applied (or charged) on the shipping amount (and not the product total). It should be the other way around. Tax calculated on total shopping cart price, and no tax calculated (as additional) for the shipping.

Prices of the items do not include sales tax. I want that as a separate line item on the invoice, but only for invoices being shipped to addresses in TX.

Any help on how to configure this? If I’ve explained this incorrectly, just tell me.

Thanks in advance!