Shipping and Tax Mod

Hi everyone,

Currently setting up CS-Cart and loving it, just having a few issues with the shipping and tax stuff. BTW does anyone know if TopCoderPro is still around, it seems both their websites are closed.

The prices are currently displayed as:

Price: $180.00 ($198.00 inc tax)

I would like it to display:

Price: $198.00 (incl GST)

Export: $180 (ex GST)

Is this possible or easy to do? If not, then I’m looking to hire a coder to do it for me :slight_smile:

Next issue is with shipping…

I would like the ability to make certain products as “combine shipping” or “ship individually”. I know TopCoderPro has done this for other members, but yeah not sure if they are still around.

Thanks for reading!



bump… anyone been in contact with TopCoderPro lately?

If you search “tax” in languages, you will get a list of variables that contain tax. You may be able to alter one of them. (have to see which applies to the area you are interested in). Doing this will change the wording everywhere the variable would be, so you would have to make sure it does not change it where you don’t want to.

If not ok to change an existing variable value, you could create your own variable and value and insert the new variable in the appropriate location.

The layout for the cart, invoices, etc have been an issue. Would be nice to have more than one available. I paid for a mod by cs-cart to remove all the “include taxes”, “Include shipping” , including discount etc. This was to make the format more like the USA format-no including anything. Other countries have differing requirments for indicating whether a particular tax is included or not and have to show the price both ways.

CS-Cart needs to at least have a US layout and at least one or two European layouts or have an easy way to configurt them, or a third party should have a mod to easily configure the layout. Would be for cart, confirmation page, admin and emails.

I have a feeling that I have to pay for the mod from CS-Cart again for 2.0 after just paying for one specifific to SP4.

Was also thinking about TopCoderPro the other day.

Hi pbannette,

I actually changed the language variable of ‘inc_tax’ to say incl. GST, but it still isn’t what I’m after.

I’m gonna email the other CS-Cart modders and see what they can do for me.