Shipping Addresses With Address_2 Are Ignored

Customers with an Apt. #, Unit #, or any important of information entered on line 2 of Shipping Address are simply ignored and are not appearing anywhere in the final order.

This result in Shipping Labels missing a crucial piece of information needed by carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc...) to deliver to correct residents and/or businesses.

Delays are created, customer call us, call the carrier, we have to call the carrier for corrections... endless headaches and additional cost. Each carrier charging a fee for any change made to a label after label has been created.

CS-Cart Version 4.11.2


Received the following reply from Help Desk:

Please find the Address block on the Checkout page layout and add second address line to checkout page.

Go to Design > Layouts, click gear button on the Address block and switch to the Content tab. I have attached the screenshot of this page.

The second address line will appear on checkout page and in the order info as well.

So when choosing to modify Profile Fields in Administration please make sure they are going to appear in your orders or you may need to modify as above.