Shipping address same as billing by default?


Is it possible to (or does anyone know a way of) make it so the shipping address is the same as the billing address by default. i.e. so the checkbox is ticked and the extra fields hidden unless the user unchecks to change the information.

I’m tyrying to compact my checkout as much as possible.



Did you ever figure this out? I am wondering the same thing seven years later…

[color=#555555]As long as the [/color]Billing address[color=#555555] section is displayed in the first place on the checkout page, the radio button of the [/color]Email[color=#555555] profile field should be selected in the [/color]Billing address[color=#555555] section on the [/color]Customers > Profile fields[color=#555555] page of your CS-Cart admin panel.[/color]

Thank you for that answer kingsleypress! It worked and that saved me so much headache.