Shipping Add On Needed

Good morning. I have an interesting situation that I can't seem to get a hold on.

First, the problem and their process:

Because of certain inventory difficulties and the product their selling, they don't really have very good control of their inventory. Currently, they have a very inefficient process: I'm not kidding. here's what they do.

  1. They take the customers online order on an unsecured site. They don't take payment.
  2. they print out the order and pull all items from the shelves and fulfill what they can.
  3. They scratch out the items they don't have in stock and re-calculate the order.
  4. They weigh everything they managed to pull and apply the shipping/handling fees.
  5. They call the customer and take their cc information over the phone.
  6. They ship out the order.

    Unfortunately because of the way they have to deal with inventory some of this cannot change. However, here's what I'd like to do:

  7. Customer orders their products online.
  8. Admin pulls what they can and edits the customers order.
  9. Admin then manually applies the shipping/handling cost AFTER modifying the order.
  10. Admin sends the customer an email instructing them to return to the website to view their order and pay for it securely using a credit card.

    I know this is terribly cumbersome, but it will be more efficient for the client to do it this way. Does anyone have any ideas of how this can be accomplished or is it just not possible?

    Thanks for any advise on this.


Dear Phil,

It is not quite clear what you want.

After the order is placed, a customer gets the email notification.

The customer also gets the email notification if the order is edited.

Please check the email messages in Administration → Order statuses → Open

Is it your problem?

Best regards, Alt-team.

Thanks for the reply. Well, I believe I've found a way to work around it, but the workaround is a bit less desirable for usability reasons. Requirements for the flow of the order process were kind of like this:

customer goes to the site and orders, let's say, 100 different widgets. There are 17,000 of these widgets and because they never know if all 17k are going to be in stock, they take the order. They next determine how many of these widgets they actually have. So they have to edit the order after it comes in. And after they edit the order, they have to take on a S&H fee for the whole order. Which I've figured out how to do. Because the order has to be modified and verified and adjusted PRIOR to the customer being able to pay for it, we can set that up as a “wish list” type order that doesn't take a payment in order to submit the initial order. Anyway, once the Admin Modifies the order, he changes the Payment Method to Credit Card and Saves the order. This is where it gets a little clumsy.

When the customer is notified ( think automatically ) the order has changed, the only way to finalize the order is to choose the Reorder This button, at which point they can complete a payment. I'm working on this part- trying to figure out how to make this so a complete buffoon can handle navigating it.

I have a follow up question, but I will post it in a new topic. I love CS Cart, by the way. I've used it in two sites so far and it's nice. used to use LoadedCommerce, but holy cow they've really screwed the pooch with 7. It's horrible. Will never use them again for myriad reasons, but I digress. Thanks again for any advise.