Shipped Email Template Location

A customer told me that my "newsletter" link in the shipping email doesn't work. Turns out MailChimp got rid of their email shortner. Anyway, I can't find where I added this information. I am looking at every template in the mail area and don't see anything in there. Thought is has been so long ago I have no idea how I added this. Essentially above the invoice area in the email the customer sees:


Your order has been shipped. You will receive a separate email with your shipping information. Note that First Class Mail and International packages will have a package number but this is not necessarily a public tracking number.

Don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter for information on how to get FREE SHIPPING, FREE PRODUCTS and BIG DISCOUNTS. Signing up only takes a few seconds.


Where can I find this to edit it? Version 4.3.1

Probably order status for shipped.

Probably order status for shipped.

That's it! I knew it was something simple I was overlooking. Thanks!