I’m trying to auto create Shipment if none exist.

Basically some orders i don’t need to create deferent shipmates, and what i’m looking for is when i change the order status on the orders management page, or with in the order page i wanted it to auto create shipment for that order if none exists. Dose any one know how to do that?

Where is is supposed to get the shipment details?

Hi tbirnseth

Sorry i don't understand the question. I'm going to try and explain it better.

In setting under “General” you can select the “[color=#333333]Allow users to create shipments[/color]”. So you can create shipments for item you don't have at the same time to be shipped.

Now creating a shipment is not mandatory, if its an order that there is only one item, or you have all the items in stock, or if you created a shipment for one of the items but still have another one that hasn't been shipped, and you change the status of that order to completed/dispatched the shipment for that order is not created unless you manually do it.

What i'm looking for is if you change the status of that order it will automatically create a shipment for the remaining items.

I believe that particular setting is somewhat obsolete. Back in about V2.1 they changed the method of tracking shipments and allowed fr more than one shipment per order (and different carriers/origins, etc.). That setting was then used to indicate that the newer method was to be used.

That being said, you still need to have info about the carrier and the tracking number for a shipment to have any useful info.

You could certainly use a php 'change_order_status' hook to hard-wire this to some value such as “shipping” and “can't be tracked” or some such thing. But why?

Suggest you simply create a status of “Shipped” and notify your clients that way or have an email sent on “Complete” use it instead.