Shipment Max size of parcel (tare ?)

I think this is called tare shipping but not sure. You set a maximum size for each parcel you can send.

So for example if I wanted to limit it to 5kg, the orders over five 5gb would be split to another parcel and the extra packing added accordingly.

So the shipping would show for example; shipping (parcels x2)

I can do this in my current shopping cart easy but I don't see any setting to allow me to do this in cscart.

Even worse - If I have shipping prices for weights up 5kg and the customer's order weighs 5.1kg they get no shipping options listed at and no message ether - this can't be right can it ?

What am I do wrong ? I can't use online option like DHS I have to configure Royal Mail Options.

for the multi box thing see in your product details the shipping tab, it can be configured for multi boxes I think ( I dont use it)

but for royal mail weight dependancies can be set up see screen shots, set up a Royal mail shipping method and add it to the zones you want

mail weight.JPG


Thanks john, I'll keep looking must have missed something.

I've setup all the shipping options. locations etc and they I just need to finish testing they show the prices as they should so the multi box needs to be found.

check the shipping properties tab in the product details window.


I don't think that is going help. I need something that say one box = 5kg, nothing to do with the diamentions of the boxes although I can see how some might use that.