Ship To Company Name

Can anyone help me, I am trying to add the customers company name (shipping field) to my invoice.

Sounds simple enough but I can't seem to get it working. Here is my ship to snippet...


{{u.s_title_checkout}} {{u.s_firstname}} {{u.s_lastname}}

Company : {{u.s_company_checkout}}

Looks like this profile field was added manually.

Check field ID on the update profile field page

and try to use the following placeholder

{{ u.s_fields.14.value }}

Thanks for the advice. I tracked down the id (which was 48), it still didn't bring in the company though? This has been such an important change to my client and nothing seems to work. The profile of the customer has a company in the shipping address.

I need to do the same thing "Add company name to Invoice and Packing List" I'm running the newest version.

Please be easy on me I'm not a computer wiz.