Sharing Products Between Storefronts Of Multi-Store Setup

This topic may have come up before but I sure have not found it. At any rate let me post my questions and hope to find answers.

Let's say that you wish to share products between store-fronts in a multi-store setup, how would you go about this. Do you share the categories and then would the products that are linked to certain shared categories also shared with the other store-front.

If not, what tool is out there then that would allow me to both share products and categories between store-fronts just figuratively speaking by just turning the switch on or off.

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This documentation may help you:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Products can be shared among storefronts, but categories cannot. So, each storefront gets its own set of categories, and you share products across storefronts by adding it to those categories.