Shared SSL does not work.

When I am in the shopping cart ( and click on any links in my site such as catalog, home, contact us, etc. the file is not found since the code does not go back to the root (non-secure) directory. Is the only solution a static ip and private ssl. I speculate that I could find all the link urls and define them relative to the root directory, that sounds like a lot of work and hard to find. Has anyone solved this apparent restriction. It was suggested by cs-cart tech support to have a duplicate copy of the code on the secure server. Not very practical, not allowed by the host, and it cost me support credits (thanks a lot). Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Be professional. A static IP is about 3USD per month or sometimes even free. RapidSSL from ENOM / 10 bucks per year. A better one 69$. C’mon, it’s cheap and these days it’s a must!

Disable the SEO addon and it may work with shared SSL. We have faced that issue before with clients wanting to use a shared cert.

As Norman stated; You are much better off using a legitimate certificate for your domain.