Shareable tabs in multi-store (ultimate)

hello folks, I need to create custom tabs for the products to be shareable between the two stores in the ultimate edition of v3. The problem is that I am facing is this: if I create a custom tab I need to assign it to a block (I need html content so I create custom blocks of html types). So far so good, the custom tab shows in the “mother store”. However, when the product is shared with the second store (by assigning it to another category at the second store) The custom tab is not displayed there. All my custom content is thus restricted to the first store. The reason it seems that the blocks are not shareable objects and seems the custom product tabs are dependent on the blocks - hence we have a problem.

I wonder if I am missing anythign or if there is an add-on which would allow me to share the tabs between the stores rather than going the route of duplicating the blocks at both stores - which kinda defeats the purpose… Any help or workaround suggesitons would be appreciated.


can anyone with experience shed some light?