Share Buttons with Google Plus

Hi again

Had another small project for a client, and decided to share with you people.

It is a three social Button Addon for product sharing in Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

It is working as an addon (copy files in root and install through Admin)

You then get the 3 icons under your product, and you can share your products with image, title and description in those 3 social networks

Have Fun



Thank you buy where are the files?


sorry I dont understand what you mean…

How can I change location of icons? Also, how do I change “_share_with:” or eliminate it all togehter? OH … when you hover over the g+1 button the text is in greek (I think). How can I change that to English?

I would like it to look similar to the attached file.[url=“”][/url]

Thanks for another great addon.

Hi idweb,

This is an addon so all icons are in the folder images of that addon in your skin under customer/addons/dvs/dvs_share_buttons.

If you want you can change them or you can try to alter the css file in the same folder as before.

Google+ uses its own icon from Google direct so no cotrol over there.

The share_with you can change it by opening a language variable share_with in languages and put what evere you want as translation.

I have modified the files and update them so now the buttons apperas directly under buy now button. I also had that share_with ready as variable, so you must only search for that and not open a new variable anymore.

I also altered the language as english in the google +.

Thats all.


It works fine on FF but on IE it mess up the page! Φώτη πολυ καλο το addon αλλα σε explorer μας τα χαλαει λιγο!

Hi there

Wich version?

Ευχαριστω για τις παρατηρήσεις


on IE 9 it works fine.

IE 8 gives me problems!, is there a way to just keep the Facebook and Tweeter and remove the Google+?

Let me have a look and I will get back to you.


This is great! Thanks alot :grin: