Several questions

I have a big problem

I've put my main currency in Saudi Riyals

But when i pay PayPal shows me the currency to the dollar

The problem is not here

But the problem (when I sell the product of SR 100

I want payment via Paypal

Shows me $ 100

Means: show me the same price and does not convert from the riyal to the dollar at payment

Example: I bought a computer from the site 1000 SR

When i pay by Paypal shows me $ 1000 (not shown me $ 266)

$ 266 (after conversion of the riyal currency to the dollar

I hope that you understand


I can now disable the seller

But the seller can activate his account without reference to administer the site, following through

First: does exactly (Forgot your password?)

Second: put email and press the OK

Third: up to email message link restored PIN

Fourth: The pressure on the link and then can change the PIN number

Fifthly: When you change the PIN account is automatically activated

This is a big problem, please solve and download a new update or fill this gap and thank you

You can experience my way and you will find that it is true

You will find that the seller can activate his account even if the site disables the account management

Through password retrieval account


Problem No. 2

When you enter a supplier you receive an error page

You try to enter on this page and press the supplier

Click on this linkالإلكترونيات/ايفون-5s.html?sl=en


Problem No. 3

There must be a mandatory box

Namely: When the buyer gets the product (product receives)

(There must be a Icon inform the management of the site that the buyer has to receive the product)


To administer the site converts the amount to the customer directly


Problem No. 4

When the buyer gets the product (product receives)

There must be a message to the buyer (the buyer must put evaluation)

Upon entering the buyer again on the site (can not complete the entry process so that the status evaluation of vendor and product


Problem No. 5

Comments and reviews

There must be a message in the control panel shows you that there Comments must be adopted


Problem No. 6:

Now there is a problem (will the owner of the site calculates the location of the profit rate the value of the payment process)

Please go to (Vendors ==> account balance )

There is (Vendor-Sales period-Payment amount-Date-Vendor commission-Payment)

But this does not benefit me

Because we want to how much percentage of the profits from each process

For example, has a purchase value of $ 1000 and a site 4.5% commission

Site commission = $ 45

There must be a profit commission on each process (to be calculated automatically)

Now we will use the calculator and calculate how much profit the site on every purchase


Problem No. 7:

Log on your account ==> My Account ==>orders ==> Open the product that you purchased

You will find at the top ( Start communication )

Start communication ( In this box )

Seller can not Contacted buyer

Only the sending site management (this is a big mistake)

The seller must be able to address the buyer (and this even if there were problems or inquiries seller can answer them)

Now and in the current situation (if the buyer asked me any question what will I do?)

I will Send seller and then back to the buyer in order to give him the answer

Please correct the problem


Problem No. 8:

Why the invoice is issued in the name of the seller?

Logo must be the name of the site and not on behalf of the seller

And why the bill is sent to the Buyer By seller email ?

E-mail must be in the name of the site And not on name of the seller


problem No 9 :

There is another problem

We want to manage the site can Permanent activation

Comments and evaluation of products

(Now the seller must activate comments with every new product)

This is very tiring on the seller

We want to always activate


Please Please

Read all the problems that I encountered in the cs-cart in this ticket

I wrote all the problems in detail

We want a very quick update to these problems so that I can open my website as soon as possible

I will close my site until you resolve problems

Thank you