Several new addons available from EZ Merchant Solutions

Listed below are some of the currently available addons for CS-cart from EZ Merchant Solutions ( Each item is titled with a short description, the price and a link to the order detail page. Most products have detailed documentation in the “attachments” area of their order detail page.

Our addon products are fully guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We provide automated updates when fixes or changes occur. Addons are licensed to a single domain only. Use on other domains may cause the addon to become disabled. License key will be emailed separately and you should not install the addon until receiving your license key.

Installation is as simple as extracting the archive into the root of your store and clicking Save after editing the Installed addon. Hooks are automatically installed where needed and “upgrade checks” can be scheduled based on several different frequencies.

Checkout Failure, $49.99


A solution for the problems with cs-cart checkout process. Most notably problems associated with failed payment transactions. When an order is declined or failed, the user is presented with the pertinent order information and a clear description of exactly why the order failed. Put the burden on your customers to get their payment information right rather than having to phone them and try to get to closure at a later date.

Checkout Summary Fields, $49.99


Ever want to collect more information from your customers when they submit orders to your store? Collect order specific information like gift message or occasion. Collect marketing and demographic information like gender, how they heard about your store, their age, etc. The possibilities are endless. Similar to “options” on order items, the Checkout Summary Fields addon allows you to define fields to be displayed to your customers upon checkout.

Buy Now Button, $39.99


Speed up the checkout process for your customers with the Buy Now button. Button text is configurable and wand work with (or replace) the Add To Cart button.

Skin Revision Manager, $99.99


Manage development of custom skins by having your “development skin” be “inactive” but accessible via the admin panel. You can have as many revisions as you want and can open a new browser window using the “development skin” without interfering with your cart operations. You can also compare revisions with the skins_repository to identify what changes have been made against the “base version”.

Subcategory Images, $69.99


Modifies the “categories” page to represent sub-categories as a small icon (size is configurable) next to a link to the sub-category. Much cleaner than the standard categories page view.

UPS Time In Transit Shipping, $89.99


Give your customers the ultimate in choice for UPS shipping options. New shipping methods for UPS Time In Transit. Show delivery times of each method. Gives your users the ultimate in choice for time-critical deliveries.

Many options are available such as “show time as well as date”, surcharges for Saturday and non-Saturday deliveries, specify cut-off time for pickups, pickup days, etc.

EZ Merchant Solutions is committed to providing addons and products that solve real business problems of merchants. If you have a need that has not been met, please contact us to discuss. If it is a marketable need, we can develop it for you at a very competitive price.

EZ Merchant Solutions also offers consulting services for users of cs-cart. We an help with upgrade issues, custom development or other tools that help make your life easier. We also provide a full-featured solution that utilizes cs-cart on the front end and our back-end order and inventory management system. This approach allows you to manage multiple storefronts from a single cockpit.

We can be contacted at:

Sales at ez-ms dot com

Or by calling us at 503-906-3563

You also have to show the demo or images to know better about your addons.

[quote name=‘miracles’]You also have to show the demo or images to know better about your addons.[/QUOTE]

They are in the documents in the attachment areas for the products.

Trying to keep this post clean and simple. But appreciate the feedback.


And another that didn’t make it in time for the list above…

Email Logging, $19.99


This simple addon generates a log entry for each email sent by the system. Many (if not most) emails are sent pretty much silently or you have to recieve a copy to know that one was sent.

Optionally, you can add an address in the settings area to have a copy of the email sent to a particular address.

However, the “least noise” solution is to not “copy to orders department” or any of the other options, but to simply enable email logging so a record is kept for when it needs to be seen/verified.

Update to the UPS Time In Transit Module to support Shipping Rate Adjustments.

If you’ve ever tried to use the standard cart weight/item amount/item quantity dependencies to adjust shipping costs, you’ll find there is no way to simply apply a percentage adjustment to a shipping rate. Percentage adjustments always apply to the items, not to the rates (yes - on the shipping charges page).

This extension to the TNT addon will provide a new setting in the method detail area with a text box and a selector allowing you to set an absolute or percentage amount to be appled to the calculated rate for a shipping method.

This is wholely separate from the actual TNT methods. Hence it can be applied to any shipping rate including TNT rates but using TNT shipping methods is not required.

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