Settlements With Vendors - Best Practices?

Hi there,
Here are some general questions around managing vendor commissions and settlements:

1) How do you manage settlements with the vendors? The vendor plans extension doesn't seem to be totally sufficient. There needs to be something in between the transactions reports and invoicing system that would generate invoices and show detailed reports.

Do you use custom software between the CS Cart and invoiving or are there invoicing systems that allow to do such a commission based settlements based on sales report and generate invoices directly? Or are you using just excel files?

2) Does anyone use nonlinear commision, eg. above price x the commission drops by y percents?

3) Is there even a report in CS cart that would list commission next to each transaction?


Hello ,

we have made cs-cart inbuilt accounting system with vendor payouts. we have system adopted by amazon , flipkart.

it varies country wise and system adopted in the particular system.

we can discuss it further.

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