Settings: Logging What for?

Hi guys,

would like to know more about the logging settings. What is it really for? if i untick all of the boxes something happens? or we have to have them ticked all the time.

Database increases all the time even if we disable statistics, but it also creates logs in the database so is it ok to disable (untick all the boxes)?

Thanks in advance.

Yep. I only keep DB errors ticked.

DB errors ticked? which one is that?



and this one? create=Y&delete=Y&update=Y&session=Y&failed_login=Y




which version are you using? i dont have that screen, 2.2.4 has different loggin settings


i dont have that screen, 2.2.4 has different loggin settings


Administration/Logging/Settings is exactly what The Tool is showing you.

What you are describing are the database fields that are used to define which options are set by default or included.

You should change the in the admin Log Settings area and NOT in the DB.

thank you for your answer. but on the version we have 2.2.4 we dont have the same screen. thats why i said should i delete what it says under Users and Database.

I have 2.2.4 pro and have the screen under Settings>Logging

Can also go to Administration>Logs>settings(hyperlink)> You then check or uncheck what you want to log or not log.


If you do not have the Administration/Logging/Settings screen, then I would fix that problem first before I'd start doing anything else. Do you have the link on the Adminstration/Logs page near the top?

Thanks for this tip. I followed Tools advice and unchecked every option except for database errors. Basically the opposite of the default settings lol.