Settings: Company On Save It Goes To 404 Error Page

I'm having an odd issue in the administration side.

On Settings page, the Company page will not save the data. When you click on save, it goes to a 404 error page.

All the other settings pages work fine, for example General, Appearance, Stores, etc... All those work fine with the ajax firing and returning a successful save message.

I looked at the code for Settings:Company and compared it to the other pages, but I don't see anything missing.

Could it be a permission issue or maybe the section_id for Company is not being found?

What is the URL in the address bar showing for the 404?

Are you doing this as the Vendor or the site Admin?

Are you in "all stores" mode or have you selected a Vendor or Storefront?

Have you looked at all the redirects in your browser inspector's "Network" tab to see what's generating it?

Try disabling the Mod_security module on the server if it is enabled

I have not been able to fix this yet. I'm adoing this as the site admin.

The page I'm trying to update is: admintiles.php?dispatch=settings.manage§ion_id=Company

It should work just like the General updates: admintiles.php?dispatch=settings.manage§ion_id=General

In that General section, I click on the save and the ajax fires off and returns a successful save message.

In the section for Company, when I click on save, it takes me back to page with a 404 error.

When I look at the Network isnpector tab in Chrome, it displays:


So that doesn't give me much information except line 204 on the javascript file. When I open up that javascript file, I can't tell what line 204 is.

Any suggestions on how I can proceed to figure out why my ajax is not returning correctly after saving the page?


Suggest you click on the admintiles.php line and look at the request/response.

Also suggest you enable the console window so you can see any JS errors that may have occured as well as review your PHP error_log files for any errors.

Have you tried using lower case for your section name? I.e. 'company'