Settings: Checkout, Bug In Default Customer Location


I have found some bugs in the Default customer location settings

1. The settings from the Default customer location are not working, no matter what you set, on the checkout page, nothing will change.
2. Default State is mandatory, and should not be mandatory
(In previous versions, you can set up the Default state to -select state-, in the new version you cant save the Default state to -select state- and you have to provide a state.)
Thank you very much.
Can you help me report this BUG please ?
​​I don't understand why I can't submit new bugs
Cannot start a new Issue ...

Can someone help me with the fact that I can't start a new Issue ... via bug tracker ...

Thank you.

I can't start a new Issue ... via bug tracker ...

Please contact CS-Cart team and ask them to remove you from the Trial users group