Setting up shipping


I’m setting up my multivendor CS-Cart and am completely confused as to how to set up shipping. I’ve spent a long time on the CS-Cart documentation as well as old topics and still haven’t been able to find a straightforward tutorial of how shipping works, particularly in the multivendor edition versus the regular edition.

Do individual vendors set up their shipping 100% on their own? Are they supposed to choose from options I create as the admin? So far it either 1) says I have no locations available (despite having every country enabled, I thought) or 2) charges $63 shipping on the Custom Shipping Method (despite me not being able to find a thing that would cause it to charge $63).



Any thoughts on this? You must all be able to ship products! :D So I’m just missing something somewhere. :)

I have had MV for a 2 years and I amstill confused on the vendor shipping…. Currently I create the shipping method and then I assign them to the vendor… However sometimes the vendpors shipping methods will randomly “un check” themselves… It is very frustrating and it seems that CS-cart is of no help